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Nowadays, in this technologically advanced era, we want to have everything on a silver platter. We like things that make our lives easier. You probably already have shutters at your home or business, but you don’t want to fall behind due to the constantly changing society we live in. 

At Veteran Blinds & Shutters, in Menifee, CA, we give you the solution so you’ll stop looking around for “motorized shutters near me.” With our motorized shutters, you will no longer need to control or move them manually; you can do everything through remote control, even better through your cell phone. 

Stop looking anywhere else, get the best shutters for our beloved veterans at Veteran Blinds & Shutters, and call us today!


Benefits That Motorized Shutters Provide

Ease of Use 

We can’t lie and pretend we don’t like things we can make in seconds without you doing all the work. With the motorized shutters, you can control a single shutter or every shutter simultaneously, whether it’s with a remote control or with a mobile app. 

You can be happily lying down on your bed while controlling the shutters, and just like that, you did something that could take you minutes, to just a few seconds.

Home Automation

If you always want to be up to date and not fall behind regarding technology, then this is your chance to embrace it. With house automation, you can automate motorized shutters and create schedules based on your lifestyle.

If you prefer to have your shutters open at sunrise or closed at sunset, you can manage that automatically. This is a great way to have optimal natural light and increase energy efficiency. Be part of our many satisfied and happy customers with our motorized shutters!

Reliable Safety and Security

At Veteran Blinds & Shutters, we appreciate our customers and value the things they love the most. That’s why with motorized shutters, you can feel safe and secure. The Auto-Brake feature automatically stops PerfectTilt whenever there’s an obstruction detected to prevent injury, and on the other hand, these shutters have a so-called security mode. 

Security mode gives the appearance of having someone at home because it opens and closes the shutters during the day. We want you to be at peace whenever you’re not home, and with this, you can enjoy being out.

Rechargeable Batteries 

If you have different types of windows and hard-to-reach locations, this is a great solution for you. All moisture-resistant motor modules are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which means that these batteries have a higher energy density, voltage capacity, and lower self-discharge rate than other batteries. These motorized shutters are the definition of quality.

Make your life easier with Veteran Blinds & Shutters. 

Stop wasting your time and get acquainted with the ultimate shutters in Menifee, California. Veteran Blinds & Shutters guarantees quality and durability, with our many years of experience and being a family-operated company. We understand your needs, and we will do everything in our power to make you feel happy and satisfied with our product and our services. 

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