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California is a wonderful place to live, but it can be challenging. With the heat and dryness that is so prevalent in this country region, homeowners have to make an extra effort to keep their houses nice and cool all year long.

Luckily, Veteran Blinds and Shutters has the perfect solution: Normandy Shutters. Our beautiful Normandy shutters are designed specifically for California homes. They keep your house cool by blocking sunlight from coming through windows on hot days while simultaneously giving your home the sophisticated touch it needs.


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Compared to other shutters in the market, the wood used to elaborate Normandy shutters has been quarter-sawn, making it more resistant to shrinking and warping the panel. The stiles are made from engineered wood that has been reinforced to provide the necessary strength to support the overall structure of the shutter. 

Another difference is that Normandy Shutters are the only ones that provide a touch of elegance to any room. The wooden pallets give a good contrast with light colors on the walls and make your home look like the picture on the cover of a magazine.

Advantages Of Choosing Normandy Shutters

Other than keeping your environment cool and stylish, Normandy Shutters also have many other advantages for your home, just like:

  • Hand-crafted using solid hardwood and time-tested methods
  • Each set is customizable to create the perfect look for your windows
  • You can choose between solid or stained colors
  • Mortise and tenon joints are more capable of withstanding shear and racking forces that shutters are often subjected to
  • High-quality fixtures add value to your home on the real state market
  • Their flawless finish is visually appealing and protects the surface of the wood

Stylish Homes With Veteran Blinds And Shutters

If you live in California and need affordable window shutters, your first choice is Veteran Blinds and Shutters. Your house will end up looking more than perfect with our great variety of custom blinds and shutters. 

We incorporate innovative products into our catalog, such as the Norman Ultra, to give our customers the best offer they can get. It’s time for you to make a long-term investment and add value to your home with Veteran Blinds and Shutters in California.