Family Operated

Blinds create a luxurious atmosphere, but they are expensive and can also be an immense pain to install. You’ve probably heard stories about how hard it is to get blinds for a fair price and install them on your property. And with good reason. But Veteran Blinds & Shutters are here to change that. 

Veteran Blinds & Shutters is a veteran-owned company that knows what works best for our customers. We specialize in making custom shades and shutters for homes throughout California. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else! Contact us today for more information. 


Faux Wood Blinds

Our Faux wood blinds are produced from a combination of plastic and recycled wood, giving them a more eco-friendly alternative to other types of window treatments. They’re also easily washed and require little upkeep, making them convenient for busy people. 

Because the slats on our faux wood blinds are wide, they provide more light than traditional aluminum or real wood blinds. We guarantee our faux wood blinds don’t warp or shrink in humid environments. They are less likely to bend or break because they’re made with plastic rather than metal, and they won’t create any sparks if they come in contact with a nearby fireplace. 

Real Wood Blinds

On the other hand, our real wood blinds enhance the look and feel of a place. Its appearance is rich, organic, and natural. It fills any space with warmth and beauty. Besides, real wood blinds can easily be cleaned with any household solution or by simply vacuuming them.

Aluminum Blinds

And last but not least, our aluminum blinds are known for their beauty, durability, and easy-to-use features. They will enhance any decor, large or small, simple or lavish. And when it comes time to clean them, you’ll appreciate the ease with which they are maintained. 

For your convenience, our aluminum blinds have child-safe options available. Still, they are also available in a wide range of colors. 

Work With Company That Shares Your Vision And Style

At Veteran Blinds & Shutters we want to become your first choice when you look for “blinds near me”. We are a company that delivers beyond our customers’ expectations. We understand the looks you want to give your property and we’ll assist you in choosing the right blinds. Call us today to get started!