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If you are looking for custom blinds and shutters in Menifee, CA, that will keep your home looking its best while adding value; then it would be wise to look into our Woodlore Plus at Veteran Blinds & Shutters. These blinds are top quality and can be used in houses in various environments. They are highly durable and elegant.


What Makes Woodlore Plus Shutters Unique

What sets this shutter apart from others is its unique louvers, made of ABS, typically used in high-end products such as appliances and car parts because of its durability and strength. The louvers will not oxidize or fade over time due to sun damage.

In addition, the Woodlore Plus shutters feature a lightweight yet sturdy wood composite frame, providing a more stable and robust product for lasting performance. They also have stronger, thicker louver boards, making them more structurally sound than other shutters.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Them?

The Woodlore Plus shutters offer many benefits. The louvers are great for privacy; they are fade-resistant, more stable, and easily installed due to their lightweight design. They are a durable yet elegant solution for controlling light and privacy in any room.

Because they are made of ABS, these shutters are more durable than other traditional wood louvered shutters on the market. They are perfect for coastal climates or anywhere that has exposure to high humidity or moisture because it is not affected by corrosion like steel or iron alternatives on the market.

Is It Different From Other Shutters?

The Woodlore Plus is different from other custom Shutters on the market today because of the many benefits ABS provides. Still, it offers many of the same great benefits you would see in custom shutters “near me” in Menifee, CA. If you have been looking for affordable window treatments, your search ends here with us.

Looking To Install Woodlore Plus Shutters?

If you are looking for a shutter for your windows to make your home look luxurious and add value, the Woodlore Plus is a perfect choice! Our Woodlore Plus Shutters at Veteran Blinds & Shutters are a unique and affordable window treatment option in Menifee, CA.